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[I cannot think of a title]

2014-07-26 03:40:37 by Rishi2006

So,folks! this must be a long or short news,I don't but you can seeĀ akikazu's profile on newgrounds so the news starts!! jungle audio,City movie,thailand game or jersian art ha!you won't understand! jungle audio means animal type audio,simple! and think of your own what the otheres are!Because simple to understand and you stood in front of me and pushed me in the playground so you should see recipes in youtube and practice Chemistry,sorry math in mathatube.com website:)I just make this news for fun!:)^_^._.


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2014-07-26 05:16:39

WUT are you talking about??
Lol.. this make me laugh..

Rishi2006 responds:

And so?? This CAN make you laugh because I made this news for laughing!HAHAHAHA!!!!It's very funny that's why you DID laugh!!HAHAHAHA!!Have a nice day!


2014-07-26 09:20:04

Just a post to relax a bit right? :P

Rishi2006 responds:

Yesi post this to relax and so i can be a writer on newgrounds and be sure that you visit nevada and Gobi desert,Okay??